One Child's Dream

Your generosity enhances young lives profoundly.

One of these children is six-year-old Scarlett. It’s an honour to introduce you to her parents who will share about their special daughter and the impact of your support.

When Scarlett was just nine months old, we realized she was not reaching developmental milestones. Following an MRI, our concerns became reality when we were told she had a diagnosis of Cerebellar Atrophy. The cerebellum is at the back of the brain and controls voluntary movements. We didn’t know what to expect or have any idea what Scarlett would be able to do as she grew. She is not able to walk, her speech is delayed, and she struggles with balance and motor skills.

Your investment in the Rehabilitation Centre for Children has contributed to it being like family to our family. We feel welcome, embraced and understood by the exceptional team who care for our daughter. Your continued support will help ensure this continues.

Scarlett and family smiling
It was scary and overwhelming learning Scarlett, the middle of our three children, had a life-altering disability. Over the years, we have come to appreciate how your generosity has helped us through our hardest days.
Scarlett smiling and playing outside

Scarlett is a spitfire and strong willed. She enjoys dancing and music, and they have a calming effect on her. She can dance on her knees like you wouldn’t believe. She loves her trampoline, bubbles and being outside. And unlike many of us, she absolutely loves the winter! It’s like her personal canvas as she can crawl anywhere without limitations.

Scarlett is a social being. People energize her and her mood is brightened spending time with peers. Thanks to donor investment, she has been able to participate in a childhood rite of passage – bike riding – since she was just a toddler. The Centre team first adapted a tricycle for her and then just this summer, she received a new donor-funded custom bike. It has been therapeutic, brought her independence and fostered inclusion. She rides in our neighborhood and at school. All the kids know Scarlett and they want to walk beside her while she bikes. As her parents, it’s very special to see.

As we do with her brother and sister, we celebrate every one of Scarlett’s successes. We like to refer to her successes as “inch stones.” She continues to grow and get better at everything she does, and we accept she does it at her own pace.

Our daily life with Scarlett can be very challenging and exhausting. Physically she is a lot of work and depends on us for so much more than our other two children. We are forever changed as parents and as a family.

We are forever thankful to you – the generous people in our community – who give, both your resources and time. We see it from our one child’s perspective, however we know much is given to many children and their families who are part of the larger Rehabilitation Centre for Children community. We hope you know how much you have helped Scarlett realize her abilities. There are not enough words to express our gratitude.

Like Brent and Kayla, I am grateful to you. Your thoughtfulness has added so much to their family. Scarlett has had opportunities and experiences because you believe anything is possible for her.

And while the future may not be crystal clear, what her parents do know is Scarlett will require support for the rest of her life. With your gift today, you can help ensure the Centre and its dedicated team is there for her when she needs it most.

Scarlett playing with bubbles
I hope Scarlett’s glowing smile, tenacity and warm spirit brighten your holidays. And during this giving season, I invite you to contribute to a future filled with many more “inch stones” and memorable moments for this beautiful young girl and her family.

With heartfelt appreciation,

Jane Kidd-Hantscher, Executive Director
Children’s Rehabilitation Foundation